An Irish Country Wedding - Patrick Taylor, John Keating

Why did I read it? I have thoroughly enjoyed all the other books in the "Irish Country" series written by Patrick Taylor in audio format, and as this is the seventh book of nine (thus far) I had to read it.

What's it about? Dr Fingal Flahertie O'Reilly and Kitty O'Hallorhan are (finally) going to make it down the aisle after many years, and Dr. Barry Laverty is set to say his farewells to Ballybucklebo. Of course, there are the usual shenanigans of the residents of Ballybucklebo to negotiate, and patients for the two doctors to attend to, and some issues to solve.

What I did I enjoy? "An Irish Country Wedding" seemed like a return to form for the series, where we are back in the 1960s, northern Ireland village and hearing about the everyday lives of the two doctors, their housekeeper, Mrs Kinky Kincaid at No. 1, and everyone else in Ballybucklebo. The last few books seem to have taken a diversion to the past, and I wasn't so enthralled as I was with this book.  The stories may not have have unusual twists, but that is part of the pleasure. Gentle humour injected into hard times, a sense of community shown with rose-tinted glasses, and escapism is what the "Irish Country" series provides.  The author, Patrick Taylor, writes with such warmth for his characters, it's very hard not to love them, even when they are misbehaving.

The audio versions of the "Irish Country" series is superb, and "An Irish Country Wedding" is no exception.  Yet again, John Keating does an excellent job of narrating these stories; I could not imagine anyone else taking up the role.  What a joy it is to listen to these books during long, boring commutes on grey days - Mr Keating's readings of these heart-warming stories really lift the spirits.

What didn't I enjoy? There is a surprise patient for the two doctors in this book, and I must admit I was very concerned, and a little upset, despite knowing the books generally have uplifting endings. It was certainly an unexpected turn.

Would I recommend it? Oh yes. These books can be read out of order, but I suggest reading them all from the beginning; you won't be disappointed.