13 Moons - Fiona Walker-Craven

This is a book I would highly recommend for anyone wishing to tread the path of a solitary practitioner of witchcraft.  Ms Fiona Walker-Craven appears not to have taken the usual wicca-like line with her book, and, to my mind, is somewhat apart form other books on witchcraft, especially those aimed at beginners.


The book provides step-by-step instructions for exercises to be undertaken with each lunar cycle, each exercise building upon the preceding; the aim of which is to take the reader along the path of witchcraft. The work required may appear easy at first glance, but each undertaking requires far more effort and understanding than might be expected reading it on the page. Each of the chapters in the book begins with the name of the moon for that month and, if the reader follows the instructions, they will learn to tune in to the energies that surround them. I cannot recommend this book enough.


Should you be stuck in the middle of an urban centre, unable to access the countryside, or even disabled, Ms Walker-Craven has written a companion book called "High Rise Witch: Bringing Magic into Your Home".