The Táin - Anonymous, Ciarán Carson
As this is the only translation I've read of this tale, I may not be best placed to write a review. I found this book fairly easy to read, especially in comparison to the texts that are available online. The endnotes were especially helpful, though I am not sure if some matters were left out as there were references to, say, the history of the bulls themselves, but nowhere in the book was this history related. Perhaps I missed it? I would also have apprecited an pronuncation guide to the names when listed in the endnotes. As I am not an Irish speaker, this would have been invaluable.I did have some difficulty with the poetry[?:] sections, as I could not make sense of them, but I imagine this is because of the difficulty in translating from Irish, with its propensity for double meanings.Overall, a good introduction to the Táin Bó Cúailnge.