Odd and the Frost Giants - Neil Gaiman, Mark Buckingham
I found this book at Tescos being sold for £1. I was intrigued as I had seen Mr Gaiman's handiwork on the big screen. As it turns out, this book had been printed for World Book Day 2008. What a shame, I didn't have my token with me.I got home and, whilst waiting for a particular television programme to appear, I read it. It only took 45 minutes, but it was an enjoyable 45 minutes of reading. The book is aimed at children, I'm sure, but this adult enjoyed it.The story centres around Odd, a viking boy living with his Scottish mother and Fat Elfred, his rather short-tempered stepfather. Odd is a fitting name for this boy, as most think him strange and his story, as told in the book is wyrd, too.Do read this to your children as a bedtime story; it will give them insight into how a boy can defeat those bigger and stronger than himself. Its also a nice little introduction to the gods of the Norse myths.