A World Full of Gods: An Inquiry into Polytheism - John Michael Greer
I found the first chapter of this book extremely difficult to understand and I could not comprehend its inclusion in the book. I gained nothing from the first chapter and, honestly, little more from the rest.From the second chapter onwards, I was able to follow the arguments being put forward for polytheism (as opposed to monotheism or atheism), but I am not sure I agreed with them. Some of the logic appeared circular to me: Greer seemed to disprove reasoning used by monotheists and atheists, but, in the next breath would use that very same reasoning to build a case for polytheism. But, then, what do I know.I feel this book could have been so much more; I just don't know how it could have been improved. This book just didn't flow for me; I felt like I gained nothing from reading it; and it left me feeling rather frustrated.The quality of this edition was poor with the words crammed right up to the edges of the margins and pages, resulting in my reading the title of the book rather than the follow-on sentence from the previous page, and there were innumerable spelling and grammatical errors throughout the text. Also, my preference is for either footnotes or endnotes; the notes provided in this edition were so awkwardly positioned, I gave up reading the notes, as I found it difficult to locate, and bookmark them prior to starting each new chapter.