Diary of a Witchcraft Shop - Trevor  Jones, Liz Williams

Why did I read it? It was the group read for a group on another book site.


What's it about?  Essentially it is a diary of the lives of the owners of a witchcraft shop in Glastonbury, England: their day-to-day lives; and their encounters with personalities. Though in diary format, following a whole year, the entries are not all from the same year.


What did I like? I found this book very well written; not to heavy, not too light. The diary format made it easier for me to pick up and put down when other matters took precedence. It was a quick read for me.


What didn't I like? The promotional blurb, synopses, and reviews led me to believe this would be a humourous look at the oddities that sometimes converge on Glastonbury and, more particularly, in a witchcraft/occult shop. I was expecting to be as fun a read as Coarse Witchcraft, which had me in stitches from beginning to end. Whereas, the situations in Coarse Witchcraft were based on real events, and all personalities remained anonymous throughout, this was not the case in Diary of a Witchcraft Shop. Too few entries raised a smile; far more raised an eyebrow. There were some comments made in this book that I personally felt crossed the line; opinions perhaps best aired among friends, rather than copied from a diary to a published book. These entries detracted from the book's (expected?) lightness, occasionally giving the impression of a tool to vent.I also found the use of both real names (both first and last), and initials puzzling. I'm not sure providing an initial would guarantee anonymity in a small village, or community, so why not use a pseudonym instead? Real names were provided for the well-known, either to the general public or the pagan community. I felt Diary of a Witchcraft Shop could have been a much more enjoyable book, but it missed the mark somehow.


Would I recommend it? If you are looking for lots of entries similar to the one mentioned in the promotional blurb, I'm afraid you will be disappointed. Personally, I'm not likely to recommend Diary of a Witchcraft Shop despite the quality of the writing.