The Next Always - MacLeod Andrews, Nora Roberts

Why did I read it? Nora Roberts|625|Nora Roberts often appears on the readings lists of friends, and has occasionally turned up as a recommendation. As Audible were offering it for free, I downloaded the audio book.


What's it about? The three Montgomery brothers are renovating an historic home into an Inn. This book focusses on Beckett and his affections for the Inn, it's ghostly resident, and his boyhood crush, the now-widowed Clair the Fair.


What did I like? It was a light, quick listen during the commute to and from work. It wasn't an overly mushy romance.What didn't I like? It was a romance and a heavily foreshadowed one at that. I can even see the storyline, and on whom the focus of any follow-up books. The characters are as predictable as the storyline.


Would I recommend it? For readers of romance, who like a hint of the supernatural, this might fit the bill, but it's not for me, to which the shortness of this review can testify; I just can't be bothered to even write about it.