I'll Keep You Safe - Peter David, RIVERRUN, Anna Murray, Peter Forbes

Why did I read it? Because I had enjoyed the author's Lewis trilogy, and I had hoped for something similar.

What's it about? Niamh and Ruairidh MacFarlane are two islanders who build up a textile business, Ranish Tweed, and while on a visit to Paris, a car bomb goes off. As the investigation gets under way, Niamh struggles to come to terms with a life without Ruaridh.

What did I like? There were parts set on the island, and, as always its character shone through. Both narrators were good, and it was interesting to have one for the present, and one for the past. The downloaded audio file was clear.

What didn't I like? It is unfortunate that this book failed to hold my attention. I kept leaving it, coming back, then leaving it again. This was not helped when, in the back of my mind, I held an idea about the direction of the book from the time of the car bomb. I ploughed on, despite not being gripped by the story line, or the characters, and with clues seemingly corroborating my thoughts on an outcome. When, finally, the end came, it was merely a confirmation.

The characters could just not hold my interest, and the hints about events in the past of some characters were frustrating, especially when the author would elaborate later in a flashback chapter - the waiting seemed so unnecessary. Niamh was the most developed character, but I had no sympathy for her, or indeed with any of the characters, no empathy, or any kind of connection really. Each seemed predictable, and flat.

Having that feeling about the story line's conclusions put me off, and I felt really let down by this book. I wanted to like it so much. I wanted it to grip me and hold me down to it until the bitter end as the Lewis trilogy had, but it just whimpered quietly, and I was frequently able to leave it alone.

I guess my disappointment is showing, but it's really how I felt at the end.

Would I recommend it? Please don't let this be your introduction to Peter May's work; he has written better. Overall, I cannot recommend "I'll Keep You Safe".