Practical Candle Magic: A Guide to a Simple Magical Art for Beginners - Michael Howard
I started to read this on Saturday, but soon resorted to skimming the text, mostly because of the mention of Angels and white light in which I have no interest. I know that Michael Howard is respected in the occult world, being the editor of "The Cauldron" magazine, but I was unaware of his basis in western mystery esoterica/occult practices. I read this book with high expectations, and perhaps if I were still a beginner, it might have been a non-too taxing introduction to magical practice. Given my current spiritual direction, however, I found the information and correspondences provided used at odds with my own practices.I don't use the archangels, I dont' call the four quarters, I don't recognise the elemental beings to whom he refers, I don't recognise all the correspondences from the old grimoires, I am not interested in Qabbalah or astrology, nor to I subscribe to the notions of sin or karma. Were I that way inclined, this book would have been very helpful indeed.Other tools for honing the focus are brough into play, such as incense and tarot cards, which a newcomer would find helpful.I did find the text well written and clear. The editing in my particular edition being very good indeed.