The Quickening - Ly de Angeles
It is no secret that I am a fan of Ly De Angeles' writing and she has excelled again with The Quickening. Ly has a wonderful talent for taking ancient tales and characters and bringing them smack bang into the modern world - and its fabulous. Good fiction writing for adults in which magic features is hard to find sometimes, but if that is what you are looking for, then The Quickening and its [almost:] sequel The Shining Isle (ISBN: 0738708348) are what you seek. The Quickening tells us about Kathryn and her mundane, bland existence and what happens when she comes into contact with a band of people, known as the Travellers. The Shining Isle tells of the same band of Travellers and the story that unfolds when Holly first comes into contact with them whilst visting her Aunt Mim on the Isle of Inishrun (the Shining Isle of the title). Ly combines the Celtic, Voodoun and asian beliefs to write a fabulous book in The Quickening, but sticks only with the Celtic clans in The Shining Isle. What is very different about these books is Ly has actualy taken the time to provide a glossary for the reader, in case there are any terms which are unfamiliar and, in The Shining Isle, references to sites that may be of interest are also provided. I just hope that Ly De Angeles continues to write more books. Great summer holiday reading; great anytime reading.