Trance-Portation: Learning to Navigate the Inner World - Diana L. Paxson
The information contained in this book may be sound, but I found the style of delivery rather dry and uninspiring; I had to push myself to read the book, as it was part of a book club group read. I am not a newcomer to trance, and perhaps this made it more difficult for me to engage with the information provided. The book is designed to be read over a period of months, as each chapter's exercise is undertaken and understood before moving on to the next.There appears to be a serious flaw with the book: the author assumes every reader is capable of adapting each exercise to their own tradition, but this is not always the case. For instance, if the reader is also new to particular path, faith or tradition they will have no understanding of the landscape traversed by followers, or the deities, entities, etc. and, as such, will not know how to adapt the exercises therein. Although Paxson does provide some examples, these are not comprehensive and this could leave a newcomer rather at a loss.For the reasons above, I am not sure I could recommend it to others even though the core of the information is solid. It is more suited to a group learning experience where the teacher is using the book as a guide and the author has provided a useful appendix for exactly this purpose.