The Weirdstone of Brisingamen: A Tale of Alderley -
Colin and Susan are sent to stay with their mother's nurse in Alderley Edge and while exploring the landscape, as children are wont to do, they become embroiled in an age-old conflict and the adventure begins. Alan Garner weaves together myth, folkore and landscape in a wonderful children's tale. Although Garner takes great pains to describe landscape and the feeling it invokes in the characters, the characterisation of the various players in the tale is somewhat absent apart from what we learn from their actions. As the tale is aimed at children, this is not really a drawback as imagination is brought into play and attributes can be allocated to each character as desired. As an audio version, and not having read the actual book, I was pleased with the choice of Philip Madoc as narrator. Different voices were employed, as well as accents though these might seem very out of place in modern-day Alderley Edge which has a rather different populace from that of when the book was penned. I found Mr Madoc's voice rather soothing, though he held my attention throughout.As an adult I enjoyed the tale, and, had I read it as a youngster I would have relished the book and probably have become a firm favourite.