The Year of the Hare: A Novel -
Why did I read it? It occasionally appeared on recommendation lists on various book sites from whom I purchase books. It sounded interesting and reviews that I found were promising; and it was available in an audio format.What's it about? While out on an assignment, a Finnish journalist accidentally injures a hare. Rather than leave it, he decides to seek it out. Vatanen's human companion deserts him in the forest, and the hare and Vatenen start a life of travelling together. This book narrates their idiosyncratic adventures.What did I like? The pace, the story, the kookiness, the gentleness, the revelry. The book didn't take me where I expected to go, but I enjoyed the journey nonetheless.Vatanen is a character who seems to be enduring a mid-life crisis, and his resolution is to turn his back on civilisation and he takes an injured hare along for the ride. Once recovered, the hare seems reluctant to leave, so they continue on, together. It's comes across as a rather co-dependent relationship, the hare being anthropomorphised, but in this story it works. Simon Vance's narration was pitched perfectly: his voice soothing without being soporific, and the pace he adopted provided a leisurely feel I felt was needed for this story. In fact, The Year of the Hare felt like a long, leisurely walk that took you through some bizarre landscapes.What didn't I like? It wasn't quite what I expected, and, in places, the adventures seemed rather a little too out-of-place and unreal.Would I recommend it? Yes. It was a great listen in the car on the commute to and from work, and it was pleasing.