A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens, Tom Baker
Why did I read it? Because I enjoy audiobooks, and I also relished Tom Baker's contribution doing voice-overs on "Little Britain".What's it about? Mr. Scrooge is a miserable, friendless, mean old man, who employes one poor clerk with a large family and a crippled son to support. Christmas arrives and with it, three spirits of the season to show Scrooge the error of his ways.What did I like? Tom Baker is an excellent narrator, who breathes life into the words of Dickens like no other I've heard; Mr. Baker really made the book come alive for me, and I have read it several times, so this was a novel experience. Mr. Baker is a masterful storyteller, whose enthusiasm shone through in his performance, without over-acting or any hint of condescension in his reading. I sincerely hope he chooses to do more recordings of books in the future.Some sound effects were employed in the recording, and these enhanced my enjoyment of the story. Would I recommend it? I think this audiobook can be enjoyed by all the family, though I would suggest that it may not appeal to children under the age of 9. Better still, if you have a long drive to the grandparents for Christmas, put this on to make that journey a joy.Overall, a highly enjoyable listen which is just perfect for the winter holiday season.Note: The rating should be 4.5 stars.